To Remain

by the Squatches

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released June 27, 2015



all rights reserved


the Squatches Salt Lake City, Utah

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Track Name: King of Me
When I was young all I did was run all day.
When I was small I had it all and I was the king of me.

But there's nothing like the way I used to run.

The servants came to take me away to ruin.
With continued chase everything was changed and it was the start to end

But there's nothing like the way I used to run.

When I was a child I almost died.

The angels came and gave me a place to stay.
With the words of life they stayed all the knives and showed me the king of me.

But there's nothing like the way I used to run.
Track Name: Not the Same
It seems like exile waiting for any call.
We all know the end result, that it won't come.
All the circles that you've been running in,
Sometimes change, but what's the same is rarely me.

What's done is done
I've gone my way
I miss my friends today
And I find their names
And they're not the same
I miss my friends today

I've been trying to reach them through any means I can.
But it's like they don't remember me at all.
In the years that I've known them they don't try to hear from me.
The path was free when it was me reaching to you.

And all my effort goes to not changing.
It just hurts when they despise what they once loved.
Back when summers and weekends used to mean something.
Now they don't and I'm alone in how I feel.
Track Name: Taking Notes On a Cold February Morning
From end to end I see the world I'm living on.
I'm overwhelmed and this is just "one thing".
My feet are on the same cold morning ground.
But I am shown small parts with great meaning.

This whole thing is not what it appears to be.
This whole place is not as dark as what we see. At all

And on and on I see the face of everyone.
I see and hear I just can't take it in.
And now there's work and it relates to all of them.
And here I think it's just too much for me.

And all at once I am left unto myself.
And as I fall I'll never be the same.
Now I know just what will answer everything.
Not empty words to say "All will be right"
Track Name: Observer
Here play with this, we'll take the kids.
And by the way we want your freedom.
Oh looky here, oh ain't it neat?
All the things you can do, all the things you can see.

I feel so bad for all that I've done
I feel so bad I'm the only one.

Go distort yourself, redefine your health.
And now you'll never be complete.
Oh all this world could be yours right now.
All the days played away, leave your future to me.

I feel so bad for what I have done
I feel so bad I'm the only one.

I feel so bad for what I have done
I feel so bad I'm the only one.
I feel so good for all that I do
I feel so good at the expense of you.
Track Name: Beyond Bones
Now set the knife down. Don't put the light out.
Why should I care? And how would you know?
You're here observing, yet try to push me.
He gave us away when he couldn't hold on.

I've seen the chapel women wake
I've felt the rain falling indoors
I've heard what I needed to hear
Now you will melt beyond your bones

The pull won't take me. The waves mistake me.
You may shout now or have a good laugh.
I'm giving nothing and you will cower away.
Then I'll keep them, that's the difference in us.
Track Name: Remember
When you feel your lesson is too hard.
When you feel you're less than what you are.
Track Name: Return To
Crawl to the edge, see what you love.
Choose your own side, fall to your death.

Come to yourself.
Return to...
Track Name: Pillar
And all along your path,
You thought that you couldn't last.
The path will tread you down.

Well take the hardened ground
Thrash it all around
Until it brings up what you need.

This is my shadow, stand by the pillar.
Under the shadow, this is my pillar.

The world makes a strong case
A dead and hurtful place
Fake enemies and hate.

Now that you've jumped in
Let the rise begin
Let it flow on up and over

Everything will die
And those who taught you life
Will also teach goodbye

I've never met a mere mortal
Not one, not one
Not one of us is

This is my shadow, stand by the pillar.
Under the shadow, this is my pillar.

We've already won.
Track Name: Find You
There it is in the sky and there's the feeling that it's your time. See the neighbor. He needs one more fix. If there's a last chance, he's wasted it.
If you keep waiting for long enough, everything withers away even all you love. I see the children run behind mother. Who does mother hide behind? And when it all crashes down upon the earth, the violence that you'll feel there's nothing worse. Whether the bullet comes or you wander away, it's the same as last breath had in good old age. It's ending now, it's ending now. The good and pain in time is washing out. Maybe a fire from the sky will purge you through could be when heaven's cleaning up they'll find you.